NirCanna Seeds – Sheva Kush – Autoflower


NirCanna Seeds – Sheva Kush – Autoflower

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Cannabis Cup Winner: Yes

Effects: Body stoned

Flowering time: 8-9 weeks

Growing time total: 13 weeks

Indoor & Outdoor: All Climates

THC: 18-24%

Sativa/Indica: Sativa: 20% / Indica: 70% / Ruderalis 10%.

Yield: 500- 550 g/m2

The Autoflower Cannabis Seeds from Nircanna Seeds are perfect for the First time grower. The Kush Seeds from Nircanna Seeds blessed by Sheva herself, will bring you all the pleasure of a good Indica Marijuana strain. This Cannabis strain makes you super stoned and is also easy to handle. With THC percentages over 20% and a wonderful taste and aroma, this is the Marijuana plant for the Kush enthusiast.

All Seeds hand picked by The Hague Seed Center Holland.


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NirCanna Seeds – Sheva Kush – Autoflower
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