Jack Herer – Premium Line Seeds – Feminized


Jack Herer – Premium Line Seeds – Feminized

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Jack Herer is a famous cannabis strain that was named in honour of the legendary cannabis campaigner and polemicist who authored the break-through pro-cannabis book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”. It is a multi-award winning strain. Jack Herer Feminized weed seeds are perfect for the first time grower, without much experience.
Jack Herer Weed Strain Overview
Cannabis Cup Winner: Yes

Effects: Refreshing and Uplifting

Flowering time: 8-9 weeks

Growing time total: 10-14 weeks

Indoor & Outdoor: Mediterranean climate

THC: 16-20%

Sativa/Indica: Sativa 55% / Indica 45%

Yield: 550-600 grams/ M2

Jack Herer effects
The high is very complex in nature and very long-lasting too. It has both cerebral and physical attributes and it has been found to be of therapeutic use for the stimulation of appetites and for pain relief. Because of its strong sativa presence, Jack Herer creates a very vivid, happy high. It is popular for the fact that it can be uplifting without feeling overpowering, and you can easily find yourself centered and relaxed after a few puffs.

Medicinal use Jack Herer weed
Instead of it being a dowdy downer, it generates an energetic buzz that is guaranteed to fuel on a good time. Jack Herer is well known for its cerebral high, mixed with a mellow, light body high, carefully avoiding a solid couch-lock. A sense of euphoria can also be observed when smoking it, and comes highly recommended as the perfect start to a creatively stimulating and social night out.


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Jack Herer – Premium Line Seeds – Feminized
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