Greenbush Seeds – Purple Kush in the Bush – Feminized


Greenbush Seeds – Purple Kush in the Bush – Feminized

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Purple Kush feminized seeds from Greenbush Seeds is a Marijuana Strain, that boasts the purple aspect in more than one way. The deep red, violet, and pink hues of this strain make it obvious that it’s Purple Kush. It also tastes like all things purple: grapes, candy, wine. If the beauty of its appearance and divine flavor isn’t enough, it also is a 100% indica. So it can make you super relaxed, giggly, and happy. Purple Kush Cannabis Seeds has numerous medicinal benefits. Which is in part why so many have become hooked to its euphoric, relaxing and sometimes even trippy effects. But even more so, this marijuana strain is potent and versatile. Making it a safe bet for a diverse group of patients, connoisseurs, beginner smokers, casual 420 consumers and beyond. If you are looking for a powerhouse Marijuana bud, test data shows a High THC percentage of 18-24%.

Purple Kush Feminized Seeds overview

  • Effects: Relaxed
  • Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
  • Growing time total: 12 weeks
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
  • THC: 18-24%
  • Sativa/Indica: Indica: 100%
  • Yield: 350-400 g/m2

Grow Info

As is characteristic of almost any 100% pure indica Marijuana strain, Purple Kush grows low to the ground with a bushy figure. Making it sometimes a challenging marijuana strain to properly cultivate in an outdoor environment. Due to its low stature, if you are growing PB outside, you have to find a location with an adequate amount of full-sun. So that even the leaves lying low to the ground are permeated by the rays. Additionally, search for an outdoor area that is dry and lacks humidity or exposure to rain.

Indoors is the most suitable location to grow Purple Kush in the Bush Seeds, as you will not have to section off a tall space to grow the crops. Additionally, inside it is effortless to keep PB away from humidity and rain, as well as keeping the temperature stable. Soil grown methods are probably best for Purple Kush because hydroponics indoors can sometimes result in an increase of humidity, becoming harmful to the plants.

The flowering period of Purple Kush weed is around 8 weeks, which is shorter than average.

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Cannabis Seeds Purple KushGreenbush Seeds – Purple Kush in the Bush – Feminized
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