Greenbush Seeds – Blue Stag – Feminized


Greenbush Seeds – Blue Stag – Feminized

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Blue Stag Cannabis Seeds from Greenbush Seeds are, well known for its potent effects. As well as its distinctive flavor. The initial effects of Blue Stag are intense relaxation and uplift in mood. Even though this strain is ostensibly 80% indica, the overwhelming sensation is one of extraordinary sativa influence. You will feel both happy and overall elated, improving your outlook on life massively, as well as just generally making your day better. One of the best qualities of Blue Stag is its ability to so perfectly meld. The feelings of both indica and sativa effects. You will feel both incredibly relaxed in the body, yet somehow still so empowered in your mind.

Blue Stag Cannabis Seeds Overview

  • Effects: Intense relaxation
  • Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
  • Growing time total: 12-13 weeks
  • Indoor&Outdoor: Outdoor: warmer, more humid climate.
  • THC: 16-22%
  • Sativa/Indica: Sativa 20% / Indica 80%
  • Yield: 400 grams/M2

All Seeds hand picked by, The Hague Seed Center Holland.


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