Early Bird Seeds – Fast Amnesia – Autoflower


Early Bird Seeds – Fast Amnesia – Autoflower

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The Early Bird Fast Amnesia Autoflower cannabis seeds is a well-known plant among Amnesia smokers. This strain is a typically sativa dominant cannabis strain, that has delightful effects and useful healing abilities. Early Bird Seeds Cannabis brand is specialized in Autoflower Seeds. Exclusive for sale at The Hague Seedcenter Holland online.

Fast Amnesia Weed Strain Overview

  • Difficulty: Easy to Grow
  • Effects: Euphoric
  • Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
  • Growing time total: 13 weeks
  • Indoor & Outdoor: All Climates
  • THC: 18-22%
  • Sativa 70% / Indica 20% / Ruderalis 10%.
  • Yield: 400–450 g/m2

Fast Amnesia is a favorite among medical cannabis patients, due to its high levels of THC. Providing a full-bodied, head-to-toe relief, combined with a pleasant citrus-fruity and aromatic flavor. This Fast Amnesia Cannabis Seeds grow the best in a greenhouse.

Fast Amnesia Marijuana Seeds Effects

Fast Amnesia autoflower marijuana is a very enjoyable weed strain, known for its many uplifting effects. This mainly-sativa-dominant strain is all about the feeling of being elated. With a burst of energy, to your well-being and lifting your mood. This strain is incredibly potent variant, and should be attempted only by more experienced smokers. Fast Amnesia literally has the ability to make you forget things momentarily, making you feel relaxed and trouble-free, even in the most challenging times. It is strong and should be consumed only in smaller doses, as the effects can kick in quite quickly and without any turning back.


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Fast Amnesia Autoflower Cannabis Seeds from Early Bird SeedsEarly Bird Seeds – Fast Amnesia – Autoflower
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