Bubbles Premium – Premium Line Seeds – Autoflower


Bubbles Premium – Premium Line Seeds – Autoflower

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Bubbles Premium has a delicious terpene profile. That reminds almost anyone who tastes it of the popular Gum. It is absolutely sweet, tingling the palate with a blend of bubble gum and fruit. It’s effects are just as uplifting as its flavors. It delivers a rush of euphoria that clears the mind, enhances the mood, and sparks creativity.

Bubbles Autoflower Weed Strain Overview

  • Effects: Relaxed, Happy
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Yield: Medium
  • Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
  • Growing time total: 12-13 weeks
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Mediterranean climate
  • THC: 15-18%
  • Sativa: 45% / Indica: 45% / Ruderalis 10%

Bubbles Premium Weed Effects

Bubbles Premium autoflower has a great blend of mental and physical effects that act quick and last long. It is also not overwhelming. It has mild to moderate THC levels of 15% to 18% that are counteracted by the presence of CBD. Its fast-acting onset starts off with a mild euphoria gently uplifts the mood and leaves users feeling happy. It clears the mind of worries and eliminates dread. The upbeat disposition, along with the mental clarity, creates a can-do attitude that raises motivation. It also improves focus, sharpening the senses so enthusiasts can do not get distracted. In the palate, Bubbles Premium autoflower seeds exudes a blend of fruit and candy. It has a delicious overtone of bubble gum before leaving a rich aftertaste of earth.


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Bubbles Premium – Premium Line Seeds – Autoflower
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