AK-47 Premium – Premium Line Seeds – Feminized


AK-47 Premium – Premium Line Seeds – Feminized

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AK-47 Premium is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain that mixes Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani varieties. Don’t let its intense name fool you: AK-47 Premium will leave you relaxed and mellow. The result is a complex blend of flavors and effects.

Overview AK-47 Feminized Weed Seeds

Premium Line Seeds – AK 47 Premium – Feminized

  • Effects: Relaxing and stoned.
  • Difficulty: Easy to grow.
  • Flowering time: 7-9 weeks.
  • Growing time total: 11-12 weeks.
  • Indoor & Outdoor: Northern Latitudes.
  • THC: 15-18%.
  • Sativa: 90% / Indica: 10%.
  • Yield: 550-600 grams/ M2.

AK- 47 Weed Seeds Effects

A notoriously happy strain, the AK-47 Premium promises all sorts of good vibrations. Its first immediate effect noticeable is that of a clear headed relaxation. It is potent and mood-elevating, causing it to be a favorite among those who come home and need a little smoke to unwind. Its relaxing and uplifting personality guarantees a good time, whether you choose to stay seated on need to move around and be creative. The high can last longer than average, and can cause an unavoidable case of the giggles. A quick and immediate euphoria is often observed, slowly drifting one into an intense cerebral high. AK-47 Premium can put you in a giddy mood where you find yourself just sitting down smiling from ear to ear without knowing why.

Fragrance of AK-47

AK-47 Premium has a bit of a sour note to it, that is strongly accompanied by a very noticeable earthy smell. It is strong smelling in nature, and boasts of a pleasant combination of different whiffs. A slight tinge of a sweet sugary aroma can be detected in AK-47 Premium, which hangs in the air.

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AK-47 Premium – Premium Line Seeds – Feminized
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