AK-47 Premium – Premium Line Seeds – Autoflower


AK-47 Premium – Premium Line Seeds – Autoflower

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AK-47 is known for having an aroma characterized by notes of strong Skunk and pine, finished off with woody and citrus-like undertones. Combine that with a reasonable amount of THC, and you know that a high-quality, tasty and long-lasting experience is waiting for you. AK-47 awakens feelings of euphoria and motivation.

AK-47 Weed Strain Overview

Effects: Relaxing and stoned

Indoor & Outdoor: Northern Latitudes

Difficulty: Easy

Yield: High

THC: Medium

Sativa: 80% / Indica: 10%

Ruderalis 10%

Flowering time: 8-9 weeks

Growing time total: 13 weeks

AK-47 thrives at a temperature of 15–24°C, but is also able to handle any fluctuations. Ventilation is not a problem for outdoor growers, but indoor growers often need to control the pungent Skunk scent. Her sativa-dominant buds mature in just 8-9 weeks. This means that she can also be grown and harvested in northern regions before the bleak autumn weather arrives. With enough love and attention, indoor plants will produce around 500g/m².

Indoor and Outdoor Seeds – AK-47

Outdoors, you get robust, resilient specimens that will treat you to a big harvest. The CBD content of this strain is around 0.5%, but she’s still on the favorites list of several users. She spoils you with a mild body buzz and has a relaxing effect. If you use enough, she may also induce couch-lock.

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AK-47 Premium – Premium Line Seeds – Autoflower
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