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Do your research

Before using truffles, it is wise to do some preliminary research online. Read about the experiences of others and learn more about how your own body works. Please note that this does not guarantee your own trip. There is not always as much reliable information about psychedelics on the internet. Therefore, make sure that you purchase truffles from a reliable supplier, such as The Hague Seed Center Holland. Also read the description of the product carefully before you decide to make a purchase.

Keep an eye on your state of mind

Pay attention to your state of mind when considering using truffles. Do you feel comfortable or are you under a lot of stress? It is not recommended to use psychedelics in times of stress. Think about when you are sad or even depressed or have recently lost a loved one. Psychedelics strengthen your mood, which means that your negative feelings also strengthen. Therefore, make sure that you are mentally balanced.

Prepare well before using Magic Truffles

Make sure you are well prepared for using truffles. This means making sure you have enough water and possibly fresh, healthy food. Also make sure you have the resources to get started creatively. You can get a bomb of creative inspiration from psychedelics. Provide a drawing pad or easel or buy some creative toys, such as glow sticks.

Do not combine truffles with medication

Truffles in combination with medication is not recommended. You may feel nauseous after using truffles or have another nasty reaction. It is therefore better to ensure that you are completely ‘clean’, so that you can experience the trip as optimally as possible.

We hope to have given you more insight into the effectiveness of truffles and wish you a safe trip!

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